We are passionate about the talent, believing that attracting accurate workforce transcending salary boundaries. The accurate talent is finding the candidate that shares the same conviction and aspiration as the company. Looking for people that bring more of themselves, those ones who look for results and contribute with their daily work to the global business success.

We know that linking the accurate talent with the employer company becomes a success story.

We like connecting with the industry, its changes and work environment.
We believe in the talent power and the ability that we all have to create a better world through our job.



Our Purpose: Connecting the talent that impulses Mexican Companies!


Our History

Nowadays, Koolibri has support the collocation of more than 5,000 operative candidates and more that 1,000 administrative candidates nationwide, but every success story has a starting point.

Did you know that, previously, Koolibri was the Human Resources Area of A&T Sorting Company?



Our story starts in Saltillo, with a small headquarter and a recruitment and selection manager.



With a fast growth in the market in coverage and scope along states as Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Puebla and Toluca, though the support of 15 specialists in Human Resources.


We became experts in Massive Recruitment of Operative Personnel in Mexico, through the management of more than 300 manufacturing customers. The knowledge in different needs according to the business activity, work conditions and change adaptation.


We got into Recruitment 2.0, our brand begins to be a benchmark in job boards that attract high traffic and therefore facilitate the task of attraction.


We improved on Organizational Development through the Business Culture, Training and On-Boarding foster in Mexico. In the same year, we enforced our Labor Relations with improvements in the process of individual and collective contracts, Inside Work Regulations, Mixed Commission Creation for the STPS norm compliance.


From our enforcement, we obtained our first external request of one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of components, stamping and fine-blanked for the automotive industry, the Tier 2 company, Pridgeon & Clay, for recruitment support of operative personnel, in order to cover the absences in areas as warehouse, material reception, production, creating an extension of Outsourcing in Mexico.

We developed the Life and Career Plan inside our company for positions in operative, administrative, and managing levels.


Later, the famous breaks Tier 1, BREMBO, requested support for Outsourcing Operative Personnel in quarantine, ovens, laboratory and production line areas.During the first 8 years, our staff accomplished the Payroll Administration for more than 4,700 operative employees and 180 administrative collaborators nationwide.

The same way, as A&T grew and its organization, talent Headhunting started to cover the key positions within the company.


We see the opportunity of Joint Venture in key positions in the operational and service area of national companies such as GRUPO MAZA.

During the same year, we provided Human Resources support for the largest auto parts producer in Mexico and one of the 10 largest private employers in the country, MAGNA, through the Recruitment of Specialized Technicians, the same case for IMMI TIER1.

We started Manager Recruitment through the requirements of TIGER DRYLAC, the Austrian manufacturer of powder paint.


From the solidification of the HR processes in A&T Sorting Company and the several opportunities detected in the market, so it was decided to outsource this division specialized in Human resources leading to the creation of Koolibri BPO Services.

For the first quarter of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences on the mass dismissal of workers, allowed us to develop new services. Our clients turned to KOOLIBRI to obtain support from Outplacement in Mexico.

We are sure to continue advancing as one of the Great Business Bussiness Outsourcing players in the country. The last 6 years have given us the experience of digital recruitment, which has been vital for the development of our company.