Outplacement Service in Mexico

Also known as Programmed or Assisted Disassociation Service, emerges as a support strategy among companies and dismissed personnel with the objective of reduicing the unemployment period.

When should you use Outplacement?

  1. If your company requires fusing with other businesses, assuming position duplicity, which have to be eliminated.
  2. If your company will be purchased; change that will bring job elimination.
  3. By technology implementation for work processes efficiency where some positions could become obsolete or reduced.
  4. Companies in crisis, which makes the staff expendable.

What do we do for you?

  • Managing efficiently the separation notifications, from operative to administrative levels.
  • Bringing respectful communication and dignity towards impacted people.
  • Making a specialized backing for affected collaborators.


Our Outplacement Program includes:

  • Settlement estimation.
  • Empathetic and personal firing communication, in a respectful environment.
  • Managing of Conciliation and Arbitration Meeting.
  • File build up.
  • Assessment, support and assistance on the new job purchase:
    • Personal Marketing Strategies for work and business self-promotion.
    • Resume review and correction.
  • Work Reintegration assessment:
    • Locate in a similar job.
    • Change activity or to a more interesting section.
    • Competence, talents, and skills enforcement for the impulse to a new independent business (coach, entrepreneur, etc.).


Why should you use the Outplacement Service?

  • Reduce legal issues that may present during the disassociation process
  • Minimize the impact of the negative image that may generate within the personnel reduction.
  • Help promoting positively your company among employees, customers and environment.
  • Reflex your personal commitment as a company towards whoever has been part of it.

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