Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is thought for Mexican companies that want to Outsource the recruitment process management (totally or partially), reducing hiring timing up to 40% and generating savings for more than 50%.

RPO Business in Mexico

Koolibri is catalogued as the best RPO company in Mexico, bringing the support for our customers fitted to their needs. Also, we act as your Human Resources extension in your facilities, providing an integrated hiring solution.

Our RPO Service Includes:

  • Recruiter.
  • Interview programming and follow up.
  • Tests: Drugs, Medical, Psychometric, Technical, among others.
  • Uniform delivery and PPE for hired candidates.
  • With or without in plant personnel.
  • File management and build up.
  • Payroll receipts delivery.
  • Incidence record.
  • Weekly and Monthly KPI’s record.
  • On-boarding program Follow up and Management.

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